Term Limits for Congress

Career politicians have run our national debt to over 34 trillion dollars. Members of both parties accuse each other of the failures of congress, and none take responsibility for their part. It is a constant cycle of campaigning, fund raising, getting elected, re-elected, and never enough time to represent the people. We are seeing the same results year after year because we keep re-electing the same people term after term. If nothing changes, nothing changes. By limiting congressman to 3 terms and senators to 2 terms change is inevitable and elected representatives will once again be accountable to the people.

Help our Veterans

I began leadership training at age 12 in military school in 1973. I enlisted in the US Army November 22, 1978 and went on active duty July 29, 1979. I left active duty in 1989 and continued to serve in the reserves until 1992. The rigors of training as a Deep Sea Diver for the US Army prepared me to handle difficult challenges. I understand the challenges of we have faced as veterans and I have first experience with our Veterans administration. I will personally address every veteran request for constituent services.

Protecting Voter Rights

Article 1, Section 4 of the Constitution gives states the right to choose its elected representatives, but congress may modify this through legislation. Little has been done about voter integrity since the 14th amendment and the civil rights acts of 1957 and 1964. Complexity and lack of uniformity amongst the states voting processes makes a federal mandate for a uniform voting system the only practical solution. The challenge is getting 50 states to agree to a federal mandate.

Climate Change

I believe people are moving in a positive direction to treat the planet better. As technology advances we have more and more options available to us for cleaner energy. The problem with great issues like this in the US is elected officials use this and other issues as political poker chips. To make progress on environmental challenges, we need to take it out of the hands of government and let the private sector oversee the proper administration of environmental solutions.

Immigration and Border Protection

US immigration policies and laws are more then sufficient to administer people legally entering the country. The true issue facing our nation is invasion of the United States by foreign nationals. Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution is clear. Congress has the power to provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress insurrections and repel invasions. Change is not required. Congress simply needs to do their job by enforcing the Constitution.

The Right to Bear Arms and Gun Violence

The 2nd Amendment is clear, we have the constitutional right to own firearms. There are an estimated 393 million firearms in circulation of which 6 million are registered to law abiding citizens. Here is what the citizens have to say about gun violence; “Put people who commit crimes with guns in jail. No plea bargains, no reduced sentences, and no ignoring the crime. Law abiding citizens are not the problem. Criminals do not register firearms, they commit crimes.” Gun violence effects everyone and there should be no need to “cross the aisle” to get support on legislation to stop these type of violent crimes.

League of Women Voters Chesapeake College Forum

Click on the links below and read the truth about our economy, fiscal policy, BRICS, and forecast of the future for our Constitutional Republic. Don’t take my word for it. Read the truth and draw your own conclusions.

  1. Earmark spending or pork barrel politics.

2. A summary of the year to date Treasury Report showing deficit spending of nearly 1.7 Trillion dollars.

3. BRICS. Read about the effort by other nations, including our allies, to remove the US Dollar as the bench mark currency of the world.

4. The forecasts for our economy all point to failure if we do not stop spending money we do not have.

5. Read the latest deficit spending bill from the House of Representatives for foreign aid. This bill was sponsored by Republicans and passed the appropriations committee of our Congressman.

6. The Penn Wharton Business School Budget model tells it all. If we do not stop spending and going further into debt, our country will collapse.

7. The debt limit, credit limit, of the country was removed until January 3, 2025.