The Right Time

Career politicians have lost sight of who they are in office to serve. Their day to day routine is raising funds to ensure re-election. Their voices are never heard in their states or districts until forced to campaign when their incumbency is challenged. Their claims to serving the people come in the form of sound bites, tweets or Facebook posts added by staffers. They offer no solutions to any of the challenges facing their districts or states, and one party blames the other for the predicament of our nation. Finally, the voters become convinced through clever advertising and other influences that another term in office will bring about the changes promised from the last election. In the end it becomes the same rhetoric with a different term in office. When an elected official has been in office for 7 terms (14 years) and the only thing that has changed is the date on the calendar, the time is ripe to remove the incumbent. Fresh ideas, renewed vigor and refocusing on serving the electorate will never come about when re-electing a career politician.

This campaign is a grassroots movement to restore representation to the citizens in Maryland’s 1st Congressional District. We have planned legislation and other initiatives to bring about changes for the following: 1) I will work directly with the Convention of States to reach the goal of 34 states required to hold a New Constitutional Convention. The primary amendments to the US Constitution being sought are: Mandatory Congressional Term limits and Mandatory Balanced Federal Budgets. 2) I will immediately introduce legislation requiring the US Treasury Department to report all expenditures. The current policy exempts any expense under $500,000 from being reported so it is anyones guess as to how many millions of dollars are being squandered daily. 3) I will immediately introduce legislation to eliminate the Department of Commerce, and other non essential federal agencies. 4) I will immediately introduce legislation to permanently ban earmarks in spending bills. Congress had placed a 10 year moratorium on earmarks that expired in 2021. Since then Congressman and Senators have returned to the practice of pork barrel politics or buying favor through earmarked spending.

The foregoing paragraph is just the beginning. We have foreign policy matters that urgently need attention. We have an unimpeded invasion at our borders that must be halted. We have local matters effecting the Chesapeake Bay Waterman and the agricultural community. On top of the challenges facing the district and our country, we have a Congress filled with career politicians who spend the day blaming everyone else, never taking responsibility for their contribution to the debacle, and never getting anything done. I am here to lead the charge for making a difference. Please join me in this crusade to restore this congressional district and our country.